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Hardware Schematics

Exposed pads


The table below details the connection of the exposed pads:

ID Pin # Signal name Comment
TX 8 PA.2 USART2_TX (UART TXD MCU side, connect to RXD in a transceiver or MCU)
RX 9 PA.3 USART2_RX (UART RXD, connect to TXD)
PDM 12 PA.6 SPI1_MISO used to receive Mic PDM data
CLK 11 PA.5 SPI1_CLK used as PDM clock signal
DFU 31 PB.8 BOOT0 (short this pad to boot the MCU in USB DFU mode)
GND 16,32 GND System reference ground
3V3 1,17 VDD Regulated 3.3V rail (150mA max.)
SCK 24 PA.14 SWD Clock signal
SIO 23 VDD SWD Data signal
RST 4 NRST Reset signal

Circuit Schematic

uThing::MNL revision 1 schematic:

image image

(PDF version here)