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uThing™: USB sensor dongles

Welcome to the uThing™ documentation

What uThing™'s are?

uThing™'s are easy-to-use USB sensor dongles that integrate different sensors and a USB-capable microcontroller in a small form-factor.

The MCU coordinate the data acquisition from the sensors, performs digital-signal-processing (and multi-sensor data "fusion" in some cases), while managing the interface with the Host (PC or embedded system).

The interface with the host is straightforward, with multiple reporting formats supported (JSON, CSV, "human-friendly"), significantly reducing the integration efforts.

uThing™'s provide a standard Virtual Comm Port over USB, making it compatible with Linux, Windows and Android systems.

In Linux and MacOS systems, data acquisition to a file can be easily obtained from the command line, without any software installation needed, into a CSV file, and imported into a Spreadsheet for instance.

With different sensors available (more comming soon), these dongles can be easily combined, making a versatile platform for multi-sensor proof-of-concepts and research projects.


Either for a quick datalogging solution, or for painless software integration, check the open source uBridge server. uBridge is a modular application that can log uThing's data into CSV files, publish into InfluxDB databases and MQTT servers with minimum configuration needed.

The uBridge server module can be extended with custom plugins. Client libraries for various languages will be available soon.

uThing models



Air-quality (VOC), eCO2, temperature, humidity & pressure



Motion (PIR), Noise (SPL) & Luminosity



Lab-grade isolated pH & ORP meter with ATC