Enclosure 3D model

In some cases, it may be desirable for aesthetic or safety reasons to protect the PCB against the environment. OhmTech doesn't provide at the moment a custom plastic enclosure for this board.

However, we have designed a 3D model that can be used in those cases. Below it’s a 2-parts 3D-model for a case.


The model can be “3D-printed” using FDM or SLA technologies. The design has “snap-fit” features, so the parts click in place without the need for screws.

Top and bottom STL files:

uThing::VOC Enclosure 3D Model - Bottom side

uThing::VOC Enclosure 3D Model - Top side

The source file (project in FreeCAD v0.19):

uThing::VOC Enclosure 3D Model - FreeCAD source